3 Segway venues join The Activity People

There’s no doubt we started 2017 with a bang by bringing you a whole host of new venues and activities, but we’re not done yet and it’s already looking like another exciting month here at Activity HQ! So to set March off to a flyer we’d like to introduce three brand new Segway venues: Segway Prestwold, Segway Elvington and Segway Stratford!

These brilliant Segway centres give you the unique opportunity to push a futuristic two-wheeled transporter to the limit – and if you thought standard Segway riding was fun you’re in for a real treat! With bumps, lumps and lots of mud featuring in the specially designed off-road circuits, as well as all the usual twists and turns Segway riding doesn’t get any more exciting than this.

With expert instructors, top-of-the-range off-road Segways, and certificates for everybody who completes the course there’s a lot to love about all three of these venues. But there’s only one way to find out how much fun off-road Segway riding really is, and that’s by giving it a go! So why not visi Segway Prestwold, Segway Elvington or Segway Stratford and find out just how much fun you can have on two wheels..

Segway – Activity Focus

Not all extreme sports have to be extreme- and there is no better activity to prove that then a segway ride with The Activity People. We are proud to have 30 of the best segway locations across the UK and Ireland on our network, as there really is no experience quite like one of those beasts out for a spin.


On paper, a segway doesn’t sound action packed. It’s maximum speed is 12.5 mph, whilst in most countries in the world it has been used as an everyday mode of transportation since it was first unveiled in 1999. Here in the UK, riding a segway on the open roads is illegal, due to a bizarre government law that to this day hasn’t been repealed. According to British law, you can only use segways on private property with the owner’s permission- in 2010, a Barnsley man even got arrested for riding one in public!

Luckily, each of our countryside sites is private property and home to hundreds of acres of natural beauty. The bonkers laws that have stopped thrill seekers across the country from trying out this breathtaking adventure just don’t apply here!

So, why try a segway experience? For starters, riding a segway is the perfect activity for all ages from 10 and up- this really is fun that anybody can enjoy. Each of our sites is located in a different picturesque pocket of the British countryside, so not only will you get that sensation of riding over bumpy woodland tracks and farmland trails, you’ll get to see some stunning sights too. If you thought a day out in the country was dull, you clearly haven’t experienced all the thrilling segway adventures we have to offer!



With over 30 of the UK’s leading segway sites on our network, you should book with The Activity People today for an experience you’ll never forget.

Some Cool Kids Party Ideas

With the last of the summer sun fading fast, and children across the country all heading back to school, the September party season is about to burst back into life – and believe us it’s better to be prepared! So if you’re already planning the perfect kids party, here’s five fantastic party ideas that are guaranteed to get the kids going crazy.

1. Segway



Almost anything is possible on a Segway and these crazy creations are tailor-made for fun, which makes them perfect for parties. Some of the best Segway experiences include countryside safaris, off-road obstacle courses and tailor-made Segway games such as the segg and spoon race. But whichever you choose you’re guaranteed a good time.


2. Combat Archery

Kids can’t get enough of this crazy new combat sport, and it’s easy to see why. Part archery, part dodgeball and all action, combat archery is a heart-racing hybrid of some of the most exciting activities around – and almost anything goes! Using specially adapted, foam-tipped safe arrows the aim of the game is to eliminate as many players as possible, and with a series of manic missions and games to take on too, there’s no end to the excitement.

3. Bubble Football bubble-football-glasgow-edinburgh-aviemore-aberdeen-soccer-scotlland-parties-kids-2

This bonkers ball sport is even more exciting than it looks, and both kids and big kids find the fun of bubble football almost impossible to resist. From inside an inflatable body zorb almost anything goes, and although the aim of the game is still to outscore your opponents you’ll spend just as much time bumping and bouncing round the pitch. So if you’re looking for a fun and frantic footy themed birthday bash, bubble football takes some beating.

4. Laser Combat

With no masks, no bruises and unlimited ammo, laser combat is perfect for parties, and gives kids a great excuse to unleash their inner action hero. They’re guaranteed to love taking on the tailor-made missions and games too, and the state-of-the-art laser equipment makes the combat action even more exciting.


5. High Ropes

If you’re planning a birthday bash for a budding adventurer, they’re guaranteed to love taking to the tree tops for a heart-racing high ropes experience. Typical course include bridges, swings, ladders and zipwires, and these incredible aerial experiences are guaranteed to take excitement levels to whole new heights.

Segway Milton Keynes is our venue of the month!

Congratulations to Segway Milton Keynes who are our venue of the month for August!


Throughout July we’ve received some fantastic feedback about this brilliant segway venue, and that’s just one of many reasons why it’s the perfect place to experience segway riding.

Based at the spectacular 800 acre Hounslow Hall Estate, this unique venue is home to a whole host of off-road tracks and trails that are almost tailor-made for putting a segway through its paces. Which means once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll get to wind your way down woodland tracks, glide over lakeside paths and explore the estate’s stunning surroundings.

The team of instructors at Segway Milton Keynes make mastering segway riding nice and easy too, and thanks to their fun and friendly approach you’ll be confidant taking on a whole host of off-road obstacles.



But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers love about Segway Milton Keynes

“We had an absolutely fantastic day. The staff (particularly our instructor, Todd) were all excellent, friendly and supportive. Facilities were great and the course was really fun. We would all definitely do it again and the hour flew by. Excellent experience and would highly recommend!”

Carly Buckingham – Segway Milton Keynes

       “Thank you for a great day, everyone enjoyed it, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.”


                                                                 Jason Hodges – Segway Milton Keynes


For enquiries and bookings visit our website.

How to ride a Segway: Six handy tips


If you’re preparing for a fun filled Segway experience these handy pointers will help you master the art of riding the Segway and keep you safe at the same time.

1. The Segway reacts to your movement and weight distribution. Making slow and deliberate body movements will help you stay in control of your Segway.

2. Keep your arms and legs loose, and bend your knees and elbows. This helps you absorb vibration and keeps the Segway stable and under control.

3. Always lean into the turn. Hold the Steering Grip loosely and be careful not to unintentionally turn it.

4. It may sound obvious but keep both hands on your Segway. Don’t try and show off!

5. Be alert and look ahead—your eyes are your best tool for safely avoiding obstacles and slippery

6. Make sure to bring your Segway to a complete stand still before you step off it.