Celebrate your birthday in style by letting The Activity People give you an adrenaline packed birthday party to remember. With venues across The UK and Ireland and a range of packages to suit all budgets there's no better place to book the ultimate party.

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Adrenalin Activities Birthday Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

There are so many different activities my son wants to take part in, finding the perfect one to choose as a birthday present is a difficult task. Would he prefer to go paintballing or karting, or maybe even try out something a little weirder or more extreme? As I’m not into these kinds of sports myself, it is hard to know which one is the best for him- or even the one he wants to do of the most. He says he doesn’t have a favourite as they’re all great, but I want to make sure I’m only treating him to the best of the lot.

When looking online for these birthday experiences, I discovered Activity People gift vouchers. These gave him the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different activities, so he would be able to choose exactly what he wanted. I always worry about being an embarrassing mum and getting him a present he won’t want, so I was really happy that I found these. It was the perfect present, as it put the choice entirely in his hands.

When his birthday morning arrived, he was over the moon to receive one of these gift vouchers. Usually receiving a gift voucher on your birthday is a sign that the gift buyer is unimaginative and would rather let you get the present yourself. Here, there was just too much choice, so I’d rather let him decide which action adventure he’d like to be a part of the most. He rushed straight onto his computer to see what all of his options were and how long it would take to get there. Then, he got his phone out and called his mates to arrange plans straight away. He hadn’t even finished opening his presents!

Soon after, he announced he was going paintballing with his friends. Using his gift voucher he had enough money for plenty of extra rounds of ammunition, so he could get extra trigger happy whilst shooting his mates. I didn’t go with him to the site, but as soon as he’d finished playing I got a text thanking me again for the present- so I knew he didn’t leave disappointed. I’ll definitely know what present to get him when Christmas comes around.