A company is only ever as good as its people. Develop your people through training and reap the benefits of stronger teams, enhanced commitment and a more unified company ethos.

As a team building activity, addresses several important developmental criteria. It can also be tailor-made to meet your particular company requirements.

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Corporate Activities Testimonials

Getting the team motivated at work is easy; at my office, everybody is completely committed to their work, but if we start falling only the slightest bit short of our sales targets, all I need to do is bring an incentive to the table. So if we have underperformed in any department, introduce a sales incentive for the most successful person in that department and within days you’ll notice a positive effect on the business. Who can say no to a prize, especially when they feel they’ve done all they can to earn it?

After we fell below our sales targets for the month, I realised it was time for another great incentive. But it is really hard finding a present that everybody on the team will love; everybody has such different tastes, which means choosing a gift that everybody will try their hardest to get isn’t the easiest of jobs. If you choose a small gift, like chocolate or cinema tickets, nobody is going to go out of their way to pick up their game.

When looking online, I stumbled upon the Activity People’s website, which had plenty of gift voucher options. There were so many different activities to choose from, so there was clearly something for everybody on the team. Buying a gift voucher, then letting them choose which activity out of the hundreds available suited them the best seemed like a perfect idea. As soon as I announced that the incentive prize was a gift voucher, the team groaned. When they found out it was an Activity People voucher, that would let them take part in all these different extreme sports, their sales figures started increasing fast.

When the winner was announced at the end of the quarter, she jumped for joy when she received the gift voucher. The rest of the team remained motivated, just in case I announced another sales incentive after the success this time around. We had a significant increase in performance compared to this time last year- and all because of the Activity People and their gift vouchers! The employee and one of her friends went karting with the gift voucher and had a whale of a time, so there wasn’t a single part of this plan that wasn’t a success. I’ll definitely have to buy another gift voucher soon!