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  • Durham Parachute Jumping

    Min. Age 16

    5162 miles from Me

    A truly awesome venue that offers the paramount in Parachute Jumping experiences! We are delighted to boast a spectacular setting and excellent tuition which will ensure that your day of Parachute Jumping will be invigorating from start to finish! Our spectacular events see you ascend to approximately 3000 feet before jumping from the plane which sees your parachute deploy immediately for a leisurely descent to earth! Brilliant stuff!

  • Durham Skydiving

    Min. Age 16

    5168 miles from Me

    Truly the ultimate in adrenaline pursuits, Skydiving is so exhilarating and action packed that you will be in for an experience of a lifetime at our awesome Durham Skydiving Centre! Offering you the opportunity to do a tandem Skydive with our highly skilled instructors and, safe to say, your adrenaline levels will be through the roof as you free-fall at speeds approaching 120 MPH and then float effortlessly to you time to take in the picturesque Durham countryside!

  • Ferryhill Flight Tours

    Min. Age 11

    5171 miles from Me

    Speed across the beautiful Durham skyline and discover truly awe-inspiring views of the amazing scenery below as you go on a bi-plane flights adventure!
  • Ashbourne Micro Light

    Min. Age 18

    5246 miles from Me

    Experience the thrill of flying in a microlight in the safe hands of an instructor. Fly over beautiful scenery and take in picturesque views with this amazing flying experience. You never know, you may love it so much that you will decide that you want to train to be a pilot yourself!

  • East Bodmin, Cornwall Hot Air Ballooning

    Min. Age 7

    5276 miles from Me

    A breathtaking flight over the stunning Cornwall countryside awaits at our superb venue and you won't quite believe how different everything looks when you see it from a birds eye perspective! You will clamber aboard a high class Hot Air Balloon for a wonderful day of soaring majestically across the skyline, completely at the mercy of Mother Nature and where the wind takes you! Top class way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occassion! Book your spot now!

"Fantastic service, amazing skydive experience!"

Sam Clark / Samantha Frost, Nottingham Skydiving

RATED 4.4 out of 5

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