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This heart-racing 2 hour experience gives you the chance to try your hand at one of the fastest growing combat sports in the country, and if you're a fan of 'The Hunger Games' you'll love combat archery! The session gets under way with a quick run through of the rules, followed by a quick change into the necessary safety equipment. But once everybody's fully kitted up it's time to head out to the game zone, then on the the referee's whistle it's a flat out race to grab a bow and as many arrows as you can get your hands on. After retreating back to your base all that's left to do then is eliminate as many players as you can, but with the arrows flying that's easier said than done!

Venue Details

Combat archery is one of the fastest growing combat sports in the country, and our Abridge venue is the perfect place to kit up and find out why! With the latest Archery Tag® equipment at your disposal, and a tailor-made game zone to battle it out in there's nowhere better to put your survival skills to the ultimate test!

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Location Details

Located just outside Abridge, Essex with easy access from the M11 and M25. Full maps and directions will be provided on completion of booking.


  • Combat Archery was a lot of (very energetic) fun! Highly recommend the Abridge venue.

    Alex Robinson

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