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The undead outbreak has reached Liverpool and the ZI soldiers are in need of reinforcements before it's too late! It's your mission to storm and secure the derelict Orphanage / Asylum on the outskirts of the city, which has been overrun by the infected. Using a replica airsoft rifle you'll have to work your way through the labyrinth of wards and treatment rooms completing various different missions and objectives, but with the undead roaming the corridors too your survival skills will be pushed to the limit! Thankfully you'll not be on your own though you'll be working as part of a team, and the team that clears the most objectives will be extracted to safety. So whether you're battling your way through the morgue, or escaping via the basement, you're in for a truly authentic taste of the apocalypse.

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This derelict Orphanage / Asylum on the outskirts of Liverpool was abandoned shortly after the outbreak and is presumed to be overrun by infected, which means securing the building will be far from easy. Spread over 100,000 square feet, the abandoned asylum is made up of a labyrinth of wards and corridors, and you'll have to battle your way to the basement eliminating anything that blocks your path! You'll even have to work your way through the morgue, which means you're in for a truly terrifying taste of the apocalypse.

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