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Combat Tag Archery is part paintball, part dodgeball and all action, and over the course of this heart-racing hour-long experience you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get to grips with this crazy combat sport. Working in teams you’ll battle your way from bunker to bunker eliminating as many opponents as possible, which means taking aim at your enemies and catching arrows as they fly through the air. But do you have the skill and precision to end up on the winning team?

Venue Details

Located just a stone’s throw away from Dublin city centre, our Tallaght Combat Tag Archery venue is the perfect place to get to grips with this crazy new combat sport. Boasting top-of-the-range equipment including the latest bows and safe arrows, there’s nowhere better to unleash your inner archer, and thanks to the huge choice of artificial pitches not even the rain can spoil your fun. So get ready to battle from bunker to bunker with your bow in hand, as you experience the fun and thrills of this incredible combat sport.

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Location Details

Only a short distance to the south of Dublin city centre in Tallaght and easily accessible via the M50 or N81. Full maps and directions are provided on completion of booking.

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