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Grab your rifle and magazine and attack the enemy team while exploring 400m2 of our two floor purpose built arena. We have various tactical games to test your skills of endurance, quick-thinking, leadership and teamwork and have fun at the same time! We currently run two open public sessions every weekend, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 12.30 to 3.30 for under under 18's airsoft and Saturday 6.00pm to 9pm, Sunday 4 to 7pm for open evening airsoft games. Before all sessions begin players are safety briefed detailing the correct procedures for handling airsoft weapons and the correct use of the safety equipment. All sessions are attended by trained first aiders and our staff are DBS checked. Doors open 20 minutes before the session begins to allow players to fill out registration forms, please note all forms must be signed by an adult for all under 18 players, adults are not required to stay for the duration of the session. We advise players wear loose clothing ideally a hoody to protect their ears and gloves to protect their fingers. Average game duration is approximately 20 minutes with breaks in between each game to replenish and rehydrate.​ Why not book the whole arena for a private party? And you are welcome to bring your own party food. Site FPS limits: Under 18's shoots - 250 fps Open shoots - 350 fps

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With over 400m2 of battle arena consisting of corridors, themed rooms, hides, obstacles, crawl spaces, tight turns, and tunnels. Due to the Arena's unique design, enables it to change all the time and the arena has been purposely built for this. Our typical themed rooms consist of: Prison Cell Section Medlab Urban Street Scene Security Office House and shop layout For added effects, there are CCTV monitors in the security office, lighting rigs, smoke machines all to aid game play. ​

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