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  • 60alarm


  • 2people

    Min. Group

  • 6people_outline

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  • 12person

    Min. Age

At what was thought to be an abandoned facility in the heart of Salisbury, there's been movement. People have been caught on camera coming and going carrying scientific equipment and classified files. This facility, Station Athena, was once one of the UK's leading research stations belonging to the RESPECT Foundation. Said to be focussing on genetics and human development they went from being at the forefront of many scientific breakthroughs in their field to completely silent. No one has heard from or seen any of the RESPECT scientists from the station. Their families have also disappeared. Has there been a cover up? Was the RESPECT Foundation hurriedly closed down? Where are those involved and what is happening at the once deserted Station Athena? Min age 12yrs old. Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Venue Details

Live Escape Salisbury's first escape room game SPECTRE takes you on an immersive adventure to determine the fate of the missing scientists from Station Athena at the Respect Foundation. Mysterious circumstances surround their disappearance and you must use your gray matter to untangle the truth. Escape rooms are fun for families, friends and great for companies looking for a team building activity. Search the room for clues, solve puzzles and try to escape the room in just 60 minutes.

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