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Closest venues to Brighton

Below are the 1 nearest locations to Brighton.

  • Brighton Escape Games

    Min. Age 13

    1 miles from Brighton

    With two different 60 minute escapes to try our Brighton venue is home to some of the trickiest puzzles on the planet. But with a combination of teamwork, logic and deduction securing your freedom is far from impossible.
  • Brighton Climbing Walls

    Min. Age 6

    1 miles from Brighton

    Nothing comes close to the rush of conquering a climbing wall and with over 40 routes to the top of this incredible indoor wall, there’s nowhere better to take your climbing skills to the next level.

  • Kemptown Bubble Football

    Min. Age 10

    1 miles from Brighton

    Enjoy all that the beautiful seaside resort of Brighton has to offer after you've taken part in the hilariously fun team-orientated action of Bubble Football!
  • Kemp Town Wakeboarding

    Min. Age 16

    2 miles from Brighton

    Wakeboarding is proving to be one of the most popular extreme sports around combining technique, agility and style with speed and fitness. The development of Wakeboarding has been influenced by a mixture of surfing, waterskiing and is very similar to snowboarding, both activities incorporate the same body position and motion, the only differences are the shape of the skis, the bindings and the surface.

  • Brighton Combat Archery

    Min. Age 7

    2 miles from Brighton

    With a selection of inflatable bunkers and barricades to take cover behind our Brighton combat archery arena is the perfect place to experience the rush of battling it out in the ultimate game of elimination!