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Half-Day Climbing Taster
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If you've always wanted to experience the thrill of rock climbing but never known how, our climbing taster session is guaranteed to get you hooked! During your half day taster session you'll cover all the basics of climbing and abseiling, starting out with some easier climbs to build your confidence on the rock face. As your session progresses you'll take on take on trickier climbs and you'll be challenged to face your fears and conquer your nerves, but once you get to the top there's no greater sense of achievement.

Venue Details

Welcome to the premier Rock Climbing venue in Llangollen, North Wales. The Welsh countryside is not just famous for its breathtaking scenery, it's also home to some of the best rock climbing locations around, and our Llangollen climbing venue has climbs to suit beginners and advanced climbers alike. While you're scaling the various limestone crags and cliff faces the spectacular views will probably be the last thing on your mind, but once you reach the top you'll have a unique vantage point to take in the stunning surroundings.

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Location Details

Based in Llangollen, North Wales, just over the Shropshire border, so its really easy to get to from all parts of the UK. Full maps and directions will be printed on your confirmation receipt.