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Nothing beats taking on the targets at a rifle range, and this heart-racing experience gives you the chance to set your sights on some of the trickiest targets around. With the help of an experienced instructor you’ll learn all the essentials, including how to use the rifle’s telescopic sights for added accuracy – which will really come in handy when you’re taking aim at those devilishly difficult long range targets! It’s not just long range targets that will be testing your accuracy though, with a selection of knock-down and covered targets to hone in on, your sharpshooting skills will be pushed to the limit.

Venue Details

Surrounded by spectacular Derbyshire countryside, this one-of-a-kind outdoor rifle range boasts the perfect setting for a shooting experience, as well as a range of targets that are guaranteed to test even the most accurate of shooters. Using top-of-the-range air rifles fitted with telescopic sights, you’ll take aim at a combination of knock-down and covered targets set a varying distances. So get ready to put your accuracy to the ultimate test.

Venue Ref: 10998-28


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  • Full tuition
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Location Details

The shooting range is situated between the A52 and the A515, well within reach of the M1 and M6. Full address details provided upon completion of booking.