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The undead outbreak has reached Sheffield and the ZI soldiers are in serious need of reinforcements before it's too late! It's your mission to storm and secure the derelict Stanley Tools' factory, which has been overrun by infected. Using a replica airsoft rifle you'll have to work your way through the labyrinth of offices and corridors completing various different missions and objectives, but with the undead spread across 4 floors your survival skills will be pushed to the limit. Thankfully you'll not be on your own though you'll be working as part of a team, and the team that clears the most objectives will be extracted from the building. So whether you're battling your way across the skybridge, or escaping through the loading bay you're in for a truly authentic taste of the apocalypse.

Venue Details

The abandoned tool factory in the heart of Sheffield might seem safe from the outside, but looks can be deceiving and once you step inside it's a completely different story. The derelict 4 storey building may be guarded by ZI soldiers but it's your job to secure the factory, and with hordes of undead to eliminate, and a labyrinth of offices, stairwells, toilets and corridors to work your way round your survival skills will be pushed to the limit!

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